Bridgetown Airport Guide to Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI)

Bridgetown Airport Bus

Even Bridgetown Airport doesn’t count with a shuttle service to downtown, on the main road outside the airport – You just need to go across the parking lots, there is a bus stop where frequent local and government buses stop. You’ll clearly see the bus stop signal which is red, white and black coloured.

Transportation by bus to Bridgetown is widely recommend for its insignificant cost unless you carry large luggage, since the luggage space is limited. Also, take in mind that waiting times tend to be longer.

In Barbados, there are a two stations which are the hub for all the bus services (Bridgetown City and Speightstown).

In this moment, there is just a single bus line serving Bridgetown Airport:

Bus route #27

By this bus line you can reach Bridgetown from the Airport. This bus does the route from Bridgetown Airport to Speightstown Terminal. The recommended stops if you wish to get to the city centre are Tweedside Road and Hindsbury Road.

The total trip time to Bridgetown is of 45 minutes.

Opening hours: From 06.15 am to 23:00 am, every hour (Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday).


The bus stop is located on the main road, outside the airport premises.


Fixed fares for both lines is BDS 2,00.

Where can I buy my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket on board to the driver. Just remind you that only local currency is accepted.