Bridgetown Airport Guide to Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI)

Car rental at Grantley Adams Airport

Exploring Barbados and Bridgetown region by car turns to be the wisest option to fully enjoy your experience in the island.

While driving through Barbados and especially Bridgetown, please take in mind that during rush hours, from 7:00 am to 8:30 am and from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, there may be some traffic congestion.

Local drivers tend to be patient, although try to be respectful all time and do not commit dangerous actions.


See attached below the car rental partners serving Bridgetown Airport:

- ACE Rent a Car: +1 866 551 8267.
- Courtesy Rent a Car: +1 800 418 2500.
- Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals: +1 800 581 8773.
- Fox Rent a Car: +1 246 434 2277.
- Hertz: +1 246 431 4173.
- Sixt: +1 246 434 8440.
- Stoute’s Car Rental: +1 800 420 2926 / +1 800 418 0805.

Other available partners outside Bridgetown Airport premises:

- Corbin’s Rentals: +1 246 427 9531.
- Direct Rentals: +1 246 420 6372 / 6391.
- Jones Car Rental: +1 246 425 6637. 
- Mangera Car Rentals: +1 246 436 / 0562. 
- National: +1 246 422 0603. 

Opening hours: 24 hours.


On the other hand, by scooter you can also discover Barbados wonders. It is a fast and nice way to travel around, why don’t you just give it a chance?


Find car rental partners booths immediately outside the arrivals.

Online car rental

Just remind you can book your car online through our search engine, it’s easy and fast to use!

Renting a car in Barbados – Tips and advices

- To be able to rent a car in Barbados, you must be at least 21 years old and count between 2 and 5 years driving experience. Also, if you are under 25 you’ll be probably extra fared by the automobile insurance. While renting a vehicle, you should have in hand both your driving license, your passport and a valid credit card on your name in order to issue a local driving permit.

- Driving in Barbados is on the left side of the road.

- Rented cars can be easily recognized by the H placed on the license plate.

- Do not scare if locals in Barbados uses often the car horn – In the island, the car horn is used for either saying hello or thanking someone for giving way.

- Be especially careful in the roundabouts, since they can be very confusing – You have to give way to the vehicles on your right.